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Laxmi - A New Hope

Laxmi was a young teenager when she lost her brother in an accident and soon after her sister-in-law and was left with their two young children and her mother to look after. When you’re a teenager and all the family responsibilities – to raise her niece and nephew, pay her father’s debts and take care of her mother – fell on her shoulders.

Being raised in the community that she did, they told her best option was go to Mumbai and dance at strip clubs to pay the debts off. And so she did. At a young age she was thrown into the world of sex slavery just so she could pay bills and hope that her niece never had to go through this.

Fast forward to a couple years later, Laxmi and her child happen to come back for a vacation to her village where she hears about Hope Village and an opportunity to have a respectful job. After she meets the staff, she learned about the opportunity for her niece and nephew to go to Freedom School for free and get an education. Laxmi also started working at Hope Village and now has a chance to live a life of freedom and create a brand new future for herself.


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