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Empowering Women

Ashagaon (Hope Village) focuses on rescuing and rehabilitating exploited women and girls through economic empowerment and spiritual restoration. With a full-time staff of 17 people, the local team equips women and girls with life skills development to assist with income generation.

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My Story

Hope Village first started as an after school ministry where a team from the local church would teach and play games in hopes to connect with the villagers and share the love of Christ. While there was a relationship being built with the children and a provision of a safe space for them, there was resistance from the village leaders. It took time, patience and of course prayer to win them over and soon after this after school ministry spread into different communities. 

About 100 years ago, when kings and kingdoms were still in power and reign, they had many court entertainers. Once democracy was established, these court entertainers had no where to go and accepted that they have only one thing left to give, their bodies. So fathers and brothers, started sending their daughters and wives to red light districts and thereon, began the circle of sex-trade. 

To most of them, it is a job, a way of life. Their ancestors got exploited in the kings' courts and now they get exploited on the streets of Mumbai, Delhi and other cities. But most of these young girls who become pregnant and do not know who the father is, want a better life for themselves and their children. They want a future where they don't sell their bodies but instead create something with respect and dignity. Create a life for their children that they did not get to live. 

Our hope is to see a transformation in these communities through the love of Christ, and see these women and girls be free. Be free to make choices, be free to live their lives with respect and dignity that they deserve. 

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