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Equipping Leaders

Over 25 years, the Bible School has educated and lead over a hundred men and women into ministry as church planters and associate pastors through India. The mission is to grow leaders and pastors that carry the Gospel to unreached parts of India. 

Our Story

Global Institute of Leadership Management has been able to teach and reach students from across India and has sent graduates to unreached parts where the Gospel had not been shared before. What started as a small Teen Challenge ministry has, over 25 years, grown into a leadership school that provides with Bible school training and the best leadership management for the students to be equipped and successful in ministry, wherever they go. The men and women, at GILM get to experience practical ministry as they serve with the local church while learning about the Bible in depth to be able to clearly share the Gospel across different cultures in India. 

During Covid 19, when the world was shutting down and GILM had to send its students back to their homes, their education and ministry did not stop. GILM leaders came up with an online schooling program where they were able to multiply their student numbers and even through the pandemic were equipping young men and women to become leaders in their local churches and serve their communities through the crisis. 

In 2022, these students were able to have a formal graduation and since then, GILM Online is on it's third year and constantly growing. Through the Online Program, they are able to reach out to students across India in remote villages and equip them to serve their community and engage in ministry,

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